Why well-child in the crib-the dear?

Everyone knows that in the last century babies slept in cradles, sabkah, cradles. For example, my husband’s mom lived in his childhood in the village. She says that all children in the family was rocked in the dear, exactly like ours. It was in the middle of the 20th century, literally 50 years ago. And children in the family they had 7. And dad husband says that all the houses in their village hung a cradle-unstable.

What is the cradle-shaky so good that for centuries her people had used?

You know, and doctors say the child is born with a DEVELOPING DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Sorry, but “colic” is familiar to almost all parents. Well, when mom has lots of milk and the baby learns it well. In infants lack the enzymes bowel movement unevenly, weak tummy muscles and buttocks. Here the conditions for increased gas. The child has pain, he’s not sleeping, crying, and it only worsens the situation. Well? but if the food is mixed or toddler “iskusstvennikh”?

There is a way to facilitate the exit of gases: you can put a small cotton wick between the buttocks of the baby (especially when it “works” in the first three months of life).

What in the cradle such that can help?

Most importantly, the BABY’s POSITION. In a large crib, on a flat surface without a pillow the baby lies with legs as straight as possible. Stomach tense. In the cradle position closer to intrauterine: legs preloaded, back slightly bent – tummy relaxed.

We may argue that at the back of the child in the cradle there is no rigid support. You can ruin your back. Just in the dear all back and has the support, as the weight of the baby bassinet fabric stretches well. Although, baby cradles, each of the people they own. There are both hard and soft bottom. As our nation grew generation, nurtured in the cradle, and had a straight, strong back.

Us the development of our younger son like and develops it gets worse the older at the same age, not sleeping in a crib. Even? probably, better. He is more nimble, agile, spring. If the eldest crawled at 4.5 months, the lowest in 4 months. Eldest son crawled on their bellies, and the second, almost on all fours, he has strong arms and legs. In addition, a STRONG BACK. In 4.5 months fits beautifully with a little drawing on the back. Very hard, if you keep the adults out on his feet for 2 months. Exercises, to be honest, we almost never do, well sometimes. He SAT in 5 months. The nurse didn’t believe when I saw: “it will say the date is messed up!” Few were crawling on their bellies, almost immediately switched on all fours, somewhere in the 5.5 months. In 6 months 1.5 hours between dreams manages to explore the whole house — to go through and play all that you will find. Comes the call from the other room and finds his mother and brother. Already well ITSELF sits and sits, prowling on all fours. Climbs the sloping hill on the couch on all fours (4 fulcrum – his hands and feet), squealing happily, also peel off back to the floor on the slide. Gets wherever he wants. Stands firmly on his feet, gently holding the hand of an adult. Most kids (not saying all) at this age and still does not crawl, sit after 7mes.

He’s only 6 months. The day her son’s violent activities, it is not the skein, and independent personality. He vengeance explores the world around us. Considering our posters on the walls, and very carefully. I this all very pleased. The son is engaged in research, develops himself as a result. Mother of the free, because of the handle is required, only when he wants to sleep and eat. I’m not accustomed to this, he’s just busy with his own Affairs .

Sleeps most of the night in the crib is very tight. In the afternoon a few times too. Perhaps such shustrost is its personal quality. And very possibly, the crib has a big impact on his physical and mental development.

And the second is ROCKING. Wavy irritation of the vestibular apparatus of the baby calms and induces fast asleep. To swing baby in a cradle much, simply incomparable, more comfortable than the hands. And in the process of swinging is something magical. The cradle hangs on a spring: the swinging cradle in different planes and with different trajectories, a large decay time of the movement, and if the child shivers in his sleep, he shakes himself. The child from birth accustomed to motion sickness, and, therefore, easier later get used to the car. Well the vestibular system works. Springs complicate the training of the first movements of the child, which in the future will help him more confident to start walking.

Especially good to put a sleeping baby out of the sling with the rings suspended in the cradle. Sling hugs the baby and the crib gives you the same sensation. Still soft and jiggle — sweet baby continues to sniff. If he wept in his sleep, shook a slight movement and the baby is sleeping again.

Than I like our crib-unstable:

— the approach to the child from all sides

— the cradle can be rotated by any party

— easily removed and suspended

— takes up little space when not needed (just standing on the side of the wall)

— the hanging cradle is absolutely no floor space

— at night it is easy to complete at least (arm, leg)

— any amplitude and rhythm of swinging

Us always helps it’s completely unfair forgotten the MIRACLE of our ancestors. All mothers highly recommend. I’m very happy! Big thanks to the husband and dad that did such a cool thing!

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