Why I can’t sleep at night?

Again and again I can’t sleep at night. What to do? Sitting in front of a computer and can’t look away. And the right would work – but no – sometimes just stare at the computer screen, Peresecina from page to page. The yard is already getting light, I sleep in either eye. Well can’t sleep till morning and all! Not even “can’t”, and don’t want, I guess.

During the day I feel sleepy. While the rest of us are awake and running like a jet brooms, I sleep. Waking up early is a feat. But if in the summer – so it’s better to Wake up to the cool night.

But at night… when there is silence and coolness envelops the entire city, I included an unknown activity. You need to write term papers? Waiting for the night. You need to write a particular text? Again waiting for the night! The day is not written absolutely nothing. Afternoon all noise, all the teasing, all distract Someone… something always needs. How to work here? The only option is to work late at night. Still can not sleep.

The night comes… I sleep forgotten.

And again the night — I lost sleep…

So why I can’t sleep at night?

And because this “sin” is not only for me but also for many other denizens of the Internet that night not sleeping and just waiting when it will be bright, to dive into the wonderful world of dreams.

Some explain this “mode” of discipline. Supposedly, you clearly need to plan your day, time to go and time to get up – and you will be happy. No “can’t sleep from night to morning” and will not arise. But thinking, of course, people with dermal vector, which for normal functioning just need to maintain discipline and to live on a schedule.

It seems to us that all people are the same. Two legs, two arms and a head. What else do you need? Consequently, each person has one standard, and all of the exceptions are only the non-observance of the General rules. So?

However, we all remember the famous division into owls and larks. Someone is sleeping a little, gets up with the first birds, and someone who suffers from insomnia and can’t sleep all night. It turns out that each person is special and lives on their biorhythms. Why is this happening?

Think anyone — does not help!

It’s innate in the species role. Initially, when people had to survive in the primeval Savannah, every person due to its individual physical properties, performing a special function. This was necessary in order for humanity to survive. Someone was a hunter, someone was sitting in caves and protected women and children who watched the day that the settlement was attacked by a predator…

A special place was found for him who by nature was endowed with sensitive ears. If the day man, keen by nature, saw predators for a few miles, that was the night visible or dig? Here saves just fine hearing and the opportunity to hear a crunching or rustling twigs under the feet of enemies. Therefore, the change of orderly guard came by night. He couldn’t sleep at night, had no right. It could cost the lives of the entire pack. Night security guard flocks is a person with a sound vector .

Born to think about the mysteries of life

Since then, it took many hundreds of years, people have become more complicated, one person almost can not be found, but to this day zvukovika born to think about the mysteries of life, with sleep and night very special relationship.

Insomnia and constant desire to sleep (and not Wake up) – bells of the sound stress vector.

Thoughts, thoughts…thoughts again… «big questions» haunt: «Who I am, where I came from and where you’re going?», «what is the meaning of my life?», «And what is life? Death? God?»

Day too noisy during the day and can’t focus, and at night people with sound vector can neumatica relish. In the dark such a person increased vitality. And the most brilliant idea came to mind poets, writers, scientists and inventors it at night! Because we can’t sleep: all silent, comes the most comfortable time of day, and our brain starts to work and produce-to generate ideas.

Read poets of the Silver age – all I sing to the night and insomnia. The element of creativity, the element of inspiration, the nature of life!

It’s all good, but such a schedule (sleep during the day — awake at night) is impossible for modern life. We need to learn, need to work, need, eventually, to be implemented in society, to communicate with people. And how then to live if night can not sleep, just fall asleep in the morning, as the alarm clock goes off: time to work!

And not enough sleep the sound guy is a slow learner and worker. Because a person with a sound vector is the biggest mental load. and for rest sleep he needs much more than any other. But if at night he could not sleep and during the day trying to study and work, there are lethargy, inattention, fatigue. The work is not succeed, the estimates fall, haunt headaches.

And did go to bed early, think of sheep, tossing and turning, but sleep did not want to come! And some of the sound engineers who are in stress, I can’t sleep: the noise of the refrigerator prevents the snoring behind the wall. Why not earn yourself insomnia?

«I’m not terribly happy with how other people live. I was interested in all sorts of Eastern practices, subcultures… But then these things are finished. Had a mad search for meaning. When I couldn’t find, I fell into a terrible apathy… I could very long time to sleep, sleep, or other means to try to escape from this pain… »

What can parents do if their sound the child can’t sleep at night? They get tired and want to sleep. Tomorrow morning for work, and Chad just active business begins. Huh? What? Don’t want my activity to participate? So mom and dad half asleep all night, alternately trying to put baby to sleep and, as a result, I Wake up overwhelmed and not enough sleep.

So what to do to the one who can’t sleep at night? What to do if you can’t sleep?

The main point is to worry about soundproofing. Maybe it is only that you see outside the window trail and because of the endless noise you with their sensitive ears are just not able to sleep? The same applies to the small sound of a child: get him to start a comfortable sleep without the TV and screaming snoring grandmother.

Another good remedy for those who can’t sleep – classical music. This does not mean that it is necessary to include Bach or Beethoven to the fullest and try this rumble off. You need to include the melody barely and then at night, in silence, we will unwittingly to listen to quiet music and not to the thoughts boiling in our heads. As a consequence we do not observe, immerse yourself in peaceful meditation. Children under classics fall asleep with a Bang.

But if to work and to school the morning you don’t need, and is better written and composed at night, we might not have covered? Catch the inspiration while it lasts, create, fill! Learn about who are the sound engineers, and how to cope with insomnia or wanting to sleep constantly, training Yuri Burlan .

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