What to do with the child during the summer

We all look forward to a hot summer. But for parents, summer — it is a strong headache in search of an answer to the question “what to do with the child during the summer”.To spend all the summer months at the computer or TV is a very bad idea.

Let’s consider the options of how to spend the summer with the greatest benefit:

Holidays at sea. Many families go in the summer on the black sea coast or even abroad to take a break from the hustle and recuperate. Of course, this is a new experience, but this trip does not solve the problem of employment of your child during free time. It is unlikely that he will be happy to lie on the beach all day or idle pastime at the hotel. You should think about getting into the program of your holiday present an exciting and informative tours, entertainment activities, etc. the best option will be the choice of accommodation in which among other things offers regular cultural, educational and entertainment programs for children.

Stay in the country. A suburban area is not only seclusion from everyday life in his native place alone with nature. This is an opportunity to bring a child to feasibly work, care of adult.

To turn your child into a committed gardener you are unlikely to succeed, however, in addition to caring for the beds you can organize other interesting activities. It can be fun hosing, swimming in the river, Hiking in the woods for mushrooms or berries, device pool or artificial pond, fabrication and installation of various figures for the garden, such as a stuffed animal. Show little restless that you trust him and hope for his help, and the child will seek to responsibly carry out your job.

The city. To limit the stay of a child in front of TV and games on the computer, give him a small domestic orders — wipe the dust, to walk the dog or take out the trash (under your supervision). Children really like to engage in any productive work. You can make salt dough and then decorate the figures. Your toddler will delighted with the outcome.

In summer you can also visit museums, exhibitions or performances. The summer is a good time to start classes in some sections. The child will not only develop physically, but also will significantly expand your circle of contacts that are very well affect his communication skills and will help him later in life to find a common language with other people.

How to organize a summer stroll with the kids.

Description: the Work is intended to help parents to organize summer trips with the kids (from 2 to 7 years). Contains a list of games and exercises for an interesting and informative walk.

Objectives: to help parents organize leisure activities for children on a walk with benefit and pleasure; to contribute to the development of memory, thinking, imagination of a child.

Games and exercises:

The watering can. You can buy ready-made or make it from a plastic bottle, pierced in the lid a couple of holes. The child can water the plants, watering the sand to make mud pies, to draw designs water on dry pavement and even pour, if it’s very hot.

Soap bubbles. The child can blow bubbles to catch them and just watch them fly caught in the breeze.

The drawings on the asphalt with chalks. During the game you can teach your child to read and count. If the track on which a child draws brick, you can offer your child to paint over the bricks in different colors.

The ball. You can play soccer, jump over the ball, to throw into the ring, «who’s next», «above». The game can be made more complex by asking the child to throw up a ball and catch it with two hands, one hand, to beat (not to catch). You can play the game «edible — inedible». Edible — catch, inedible — beats.

Feeding birds. Let the child have bread, let them pinch off a little and throws the pigeons, or millet, or sunflower seeds, and throws them a little, then left, then right hand. This activity develops fine motor skills of the child. Feeding the birds imparts tenderness and care, teaches us to love nature. Still it’s interesting and informative — because the child will be able to observe the behaviour of birds in the immediate vicinity: some brave, cunning, and others — timid.

Draw on nature. The colors around us. If you rest in the country or living in your own house, take it out an easel, paper, gouache, water in the pot and let the child draws everything he sees around: the sky, Apple, currant Bush. Let’s trying to convey not form, and color

Hoop. The wrap is well suited for summer trips. It is possible to twist at the waist, neck, arms, and legs. Through it you can jump through a skipping rope, a Hoop, you can throw, roll, jump through it, to use in various games.

A jump rope. Jumping rope is not only fun, it’s also useful gymnastic exercise. The length of the rope should be adjusted to the child. For jumps, where the jump rope twist adult and a child jumps, the jumper needs to take a long.

Collect treasures. It can be pebbles, leaves, sticks, cones, flowers, seeds. Collecting these treasures, in detail tell a little about each finding, tell stories tales. At home this «treasure» can be used for creativity.

Watching the machines. Coming out of the house, not necessarily in a hurry somewhere. Take a look around. you see cars passing by — well, well. This is a good occasion to talk about the color of the machine, discuss their speed, to compare the sizes, to make up stories.

The grass, leaves, trees. Tell your child that has a lot of trees, but the leaves are different. Show. Compare them by size, color. Teach them how to respect the environment.

The observation of the clouds. Saw in the sky — watch them as they float by, what it is like.

Playing in the sandbox. precipice sand, make mud pies. This is the perfect place to learn a lot of concepts-small, heavy-light, liquid-solid. play with the pitch not only strengthens the fingers of the child, but also develops fine motor skills.

Draw on the ground with a stick. Draw on earth a wand of animals or people come up to him the tale. drawing, learning shapes, letters.

Count. On a walk you can do the math. count the pebbles, sticks, shovels, buckets, molds, etc.

Act like an animal. Play with the baby «who goes». during image clumsy bears, prancing rabbit or flying Sparrow imitate their sounds.

Walks in the rain.

If the child is healthy, to walk with him in any weather, even if it’s raining outside. wear rubber boots, a raincoat, grab an umbrella — and more on the street. walking, you can listen to the rain as it knocks on the umbrella, the leaves, along the paths, puddles, watching the drops bounce, let the ripples on the water. You can remember poems-nursery rhymes zaklichki about the rain and the sun, sayings about summer. You can throw in puddles pebbles, sticks, leaves and watch the spray: which sink and which — no. Let the impressions received on the walk will serve as a support for a makeshift classroom for language development, as guided by your powers of observation and imagination. Talk more with the baby, because in the process of communication formed the universe. Game walking is not only healthy, but also help the child to learn something new, to write, to think.

Relax together with your kids!

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