Dad and daughter

Some people believe that the daughter is closer to her mother, and the son – to the father, and if for a boy of no family history of Pope – this is a serious problem, we need girls in the father seems not as sharp. Yes, indeed psychologists know that girls very early start to identify with the mother. Throughout their childhood, they, without knowing it, equal to the mother, imitating her voice, intonation, manners and tastes. But from that little girl feels with her mother as a single organism, the father appears to her a completely different personality and therefore are especially remarkable.

Dad is no more interesting and different, not like mom. In their games with my dad baby gets the experience of communicating with a person of the other sex, in her mind fixed idea about the difference between a man and a woman. Finding this difference as something positive and joyful, the girl alleged in her femininity, based on opposites, unlike imitation mother.

The presence of the father in her daughter’s life is very important since the appearance of the girls at the light. This obviously affects their relationship in the future. In any case, the mother ceases to be the centre around which is organized the whole family life. Until recently, psychologists believed that the father begins to have meaning for girls older than three years when they awakened Continue reading

Death legally.

The scandals associated with the work of employees of the Tomsk police (militia) hardly anyone of us can surprise you. However, not all cases were brought to the criminal investigation and trial. This time we will talk about a strange death ( most likely murder) of an employee of the Regional Committee of the Communist party. candidate Valery Jigulina, who died suddenly after visiting the Kirov ROVD ( Police Department No. 1), this high profile case, was never investigated by anyone. Recently, 8-12 December marked the first anniversary of those distant events. So, let’s recap the facts that some would like to forget. Just want to say that I certainly condemn the actions of Valery Jigulina December 8, when he shot his wife during an argument. For him he would have to answer to the fullest extent of the law. However, no one has the right to administer punishment, brutally torture and kill suspects before the court.

« Drank vinegar” after a quarrel with his wife

On the death of a famous Tomsk activist, member of the Regional Committee of the CPRF Valery Jigulina, Tomsk became known on 13 December 2010. The original information came from the friends of the deceased workers and the Communist Continue reading

Gender education.


“Why educate girls Housewives?”

The girl should be quiet, economical and neat, her virtues – obedience and gentle nature, and the main task is to marry well, become a model housewife and have children.

And this is not a description of the methods of education of the Middle ages is Patriarchal realities of modern Belarus, where the girls forget to tell that they’re individuals and can build your life, career and family, not being dependent on men. Therapist of Leonid Semakov believes that in this way one of the girls raise free staff.

The middle ages in 2009

When I was preparing for an interview on this topic, to be honest, I doubt that the problem of educating girls in a Patriarchal style now just as relevant as, for example, 30 years ago. But was unpleasantly surprised to find many tips for raising girls frankly humiliating display. For example, how about this: “by Educating a girl, dispense with such endorsements as “good”, “well done”, “good”. Such words of encouragement of a girl forced to be like the boy and strive to achieve success, to obtain the approval. But this will not make her happy. Many women incorrectly educated, strive for achievement, Continue reading

Family education in the school setting
State budgetary educational institution of the Republic of Khakassia for children – orphans and children left without parental care, "the Montenegrin special (correctional) boarding school". Family education in the conditions…

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Bad habit in a child
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Education of a deaf child in the family hearing
Introduction § 1. The problems of family education in social pedagogy: historical approaches and future perspectives § 2. Family and family education as a basis for developing the child's personality…

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