Death legally.

The scandals associated with the work of employees of the Tomsk police (militia) hardly anyone of us can surprise you. However, not all cases were brought to the criminal investigation and trial. This time we will talk about a strange death ( most likely murder) of an employee of the Regional Committee of the Communist party. candidate Valery Jigulina, who died suddenly after visiting the Kirov ROVD ( Police Department No. 1), this high profile case, was never investigated by anyone. Recently, 8-12 December marked the first anniversary of those distant events. So, let’s recap the facts that some would like to forget. Just want to say that I certainly condemn the actions of Valery Jigulina December 8, when he shot his wife during an argument. For him he would have to answer to the fullest extent of the law. However, no one has the right to administer punishment, brutally torture and kill suspects before the court.

« Drank vinegar” after a quarrel with his wife

On the death of a famous Tomsk activist, member of the Regional Committee of the CPRF Valery Jigulina, Tomsk became known on 13 December 2010. The original information came from the friends of the deceased workers and the Communist Continue reading

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