The Puffiness, causes and treatment of folk remedies


How nice when the skin under the lower eyelids smooth and white! Otherwise, the face looks tired and painful. Well, if the causes of swelling under the eyes is obvious and therefore there is no question how to get rid of them. If, for example, in the case of fatigue or regular lack of sleep, need to find time to relax.

In more complex cases it is necessary to understand the causes of the phenomenon more thoroughly. Even though health in order and, seemingly, no worries. You need to understand that swelling of the lower eyelid is not only an aesthetic problem. His appearance can be a symptom of certain diseases.

Physiological causes of swelling under the eyes

Make the eyes made the motion smoothly and gently, it is surrounded by a special layer of adipose tissue. From the skin of the lower eyelid it is separated by a membrane of connective tissue. Not so long ago even plastic surgeons were convinced that the membrane does not give a fat layer to bulge and form a swelling.

It was thought that if the membrane due to various reasons is stretched and is unable to perform its function, it forms something like a leather bag resembling a hernia. Therefore, to prevent sagging of the membrane in some way strengthened, so that in the future there was not swollen.

Recently it was found that the membrane of connective tissue and if has to do with the appearance of puffiness, it is not always their main reason. Because the main culprit of the swelling was increasing the amount of adipose tissue surrounding the eye. If it becomes too much and the membrane could not compensate for the increased pressure on her, layer of fat protrudes out.

Thus, the reason for which swells under the eyes, may be an increase in the amount of adipose tissue. And the reason for this can be as edema and crack growth.

In the case of edema it is particularly noticeable after sleep. But after lifting effect of the vertical position of the body and physical activity fluid gradually goes down. In the evening a cosmetic defect passes made.

If the swelling during the day is constant, it is quite likely reason is the growth of fat tissue. This swelling does not go away even in the evening.

What causes puffiness under the eyes?

Swelling may be associated with hereditary predisposition. So if grandparents or parents have swelling in the lower eyelids, and you have they appeared in adolescence, it is likely that there is a hereditary factor.

What else can you call the reasons that swells under the eyes?

The most obvious reason of increasing the amount of adipose tissue – stormy evening or night, lack of sleep. Under the eyes is a lot of moisture and therefore such a terrible morning.

Eye strain from long sitting in front of the TV or in front of a computer monitor.

Edema causes excessive consumption of salty foods. Salt has the ability to hinder the secretion of body fluid, and water accumulates in adipose tissue, including around the eyes.

Kidney disease, conjunctivitis, inflammation of the sinuses can cause accumulation in adipose tissue fluids. This is also the reason why swelling under the eyes.

In women the appearance of puffiness may be associated with periodic changes in hormonal levels.

In some cases, swelling of adipose tissue and the appearance of edema causes an excess of ultraviolet radiation. On the lower eyelid there is a characteristic blue semicircles.

Layer of fat around the eyes over the years, often grows, why it seems that there are swollen.

Causes of swelling under the eyes of a child

First you need to figure out the swelling or not. To do this, gently squeeze it. If it returns immediately to its original position, like a dry sponge, it is not the accumulation of moisture. If everything is much slower, you need to show the child to a specialist to determine the cause of the accumulation in the body of excess fluid.

If it was unimportant work of the kidneys, liver, heart, inflammation of the urinary system, swelling may occur in other parts of the body.

Cause of puffiness under the lower eyelids of the child may be allergic. In this case, you might need to see an allergist.

Another expert, whom you should contact when it detects the child has edema, neurologist. The fact that puffiness may be a manifestation of increased intracranial pressure.

Long hours in front of the TV, computer, prolonged crying also cause the appearance of puffiness under the eyes in children. So parents should be firm and ensure optimal children’s daily routine in which the children will receive the required amount of rest.

If in the morning under the eyes swells

Morning puffiness under the eyes can be removed with the help of a teabag. It may be weak tea, especially left from dinner. Or freshly, for which rapid cooling is possible for a few minutes to go in the fridge. Tea is applied for 10 minutes. Swelling goes away quickly.

If in the morning under the lower eyelids are swollen, cope with undesirable swelling can be using silver spoons. She needs to stroke each lower eyelid. It is desirable that the spoon was cold. This is from the evening can be put in the refrigerator or hold it for some time under the tap with cold water.

In the morning, effective ice cubes. To make the ice didn’t cut the delicate skin, ice cube need to hold under warm water so the edges become smooth.

You can purchase at the pharmacy special band-aid “Extrablatt” (Extraplast) “From circles under the eyes”. They reduces swelling and skin discoloration. They are encouraged to use at bedtime, but in cases of emergency and in the morning, before applying makeup.

That morning I had to think, how to remove swelling from the evening it is necessary to stop fluid intake. Salty or spicy foods will definitely appear on the state of the face in the morning. The best medicine is rest, enough sleep and a moderate balanced diet.

How to remove puffiness under the lower eyelids

To cope with edema by using the following cosmetic procedures:

wipe the ice from the infusion of sage, chamomile and succession. Of course, to make ice in advance;

a tablespoon of cornflower to make a glass of boiled water, 15-20 minutes, drain. Moistened with tincture swabs to apply it for 15 minutes.

Boil the potatoes in their skins, cool. Cut in half and in the form of heat to make for a half-hour to the eyes.

To cope with the swelling helps black tea. Teaspoon of tea brewed in a quarter Cup of boiling water, infused and filtered. A compress applied for 10 minutes. Two minutes later, tampons moistened in warm tea and again applied to the eyelids. After tea rinse with cool water and apply a nourishing cream.

Folk remedies puffiness under eyes

To help the eyes to cope better with fatigue and at the same time to look much more attractive, you can use the following folk remedies for edema:

Useful in the evening to dig in a solution of honey in warm water. This will hurt a little at first, but in the morning eyes become bright and shiny, full of energy.

To get rid of swelling will help mask of finely chopped parsley leaves. The crushed leaves have 10-15 minutes of applying to eyelids and cover with a warm damp cloth.

You can mix the parsley with sour cream, 2 tsp of sour cream and 1 tsp parsley, finely chopped. The mixture is superimposed on the half hour, after rinse with warm water. Then applied the cream.

A poultice of sage also helps to cope with swelling under the lower eyelids. For an infusion of 1 tsp. of herb brewed in half a glass of boiling water and leave for half an hour. After strain. Decoction is divided into two parts, one cool. For centuries in turn are attached swabs, moistened in a warm and chilled in the infusion. The procedure is performed before going to sleep, the duration of the month.

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