The Development and education of the child

The upbringing of a child is a complicated process. While parents often feel that the result is not the one they expect. It is especially difficult becomes the child’s parents during the so-called “crisis of the age”, one of which is age three years. Let us consider the features of the psychological development of the three-year kid, how to organize the education of the child in 3 years.

The third year of life – a difficult age

Very often the third year of a child’s life brings unexpected difficulties parents. It seems that it should be the other way around is easier with a toddler – he has grown up, started to speak, learns to play. But the child suddenly refuses to wear her favorite before, the clothes, instead of the usual porridge soup requires, on a walk without a cause naughty. Some parents start to panic. They don’t understand what is going on with the baby and how to raise a child in 3 years.

But to be frightened, panic is just not worth it. This child’s behaviour is quite natural at this age. Among experts, there is even a special term – “the crisis of the age of three”. The crisis is temporary, sooner or later it will pass. Many children this behavior takes place quickly and without consequences. But some crisis may take more complex forms, so the baby should promptly and properly to help to overcome it.

The age crisis completely changes the attitude of the child towards the world (other people, objects, phenomena) and to himself.

Psychologists call such transformations age personality changes. They usually affect all the practical processes of the baby, change his Outlook, attitude to life. We can say that in the crisis period is updated with the identity of the child, he becomes smarter, more Mature, more independent.

This dynamic process of change is complex and for the baby and parents. Adults difficult to keep up with sudden changes in the psyche of the child. And often, unwittingly, they can trigger a negative behavior of a child who then themselves and suffer.

As you can see, it is very important to approach the education of the child in 2-3 years.

Often adults make the mistake resent their child, sensing his behavior as a conscious desire to annoy them. But this is just the first attempts of the child to Express himself as an individual, separate ourselves from each other. He does it quite clumsily, causing irritation among others. Hence many people are aware of the symptoms of the crisis three years – protest-rebellion, stubbornness, negativism, stubbornness, willfulness, despotism, symptom depreciation. But it is important to know that the little man is just learning, and to help him in this.

How to raise a child in 3 years?

Loving parents must remember that in this period the first to suffer the child, and only then they. Therefore, it is important to help your child through this time less painful.

Child psychologists suggest adults to follow some rules of raising a child in 2-3 years.

1. Keep calm. In situations where a child begins to flash tantrums, anger, tears, parents should remain calm. We must not forget that they are adults. Why you need to be wise and patient. In addition, otherwise, the baby may decide that a tantrum is a good way to influence parents. Many parents in such situations successfully practice switching the child’s attention to something else, make of everything. Adults need to understand that the little man in this way validates what he can and cannot do, learning to defend their position.

2. Try not to abuse the child. Often the kid blamed for minor infractions – stained clothes, broken toy. The baby is not able to differentiate with respect to what he has done and to oneself. And he begins to think that his parents don’t like. It is better to explain to a child why he’s wrong, what’s wrong in his actions. But in any case, do not scold him, do not pin the guilt. The kid should know that he is loved, no matter what he did. At this age children do not yet understand how to behave correctly in different situations.

3. Proper upbringing of the child in 3 years envisages to give him the opportunity to accumulate life experience. Seeing that the child made a mistake, parents should explain to him why it happened. It will save him from more serious mistakes in the future. It is very important to avoid categorical judgments, to maintain a son or daughter a confidence in their abilities.

4. Encourage independence baby. At age three, the child already shows signs of independence. Help him in this. Let the kid chooses the clothes he wants to wear for a walk, watering a houseplant. Ask him what toys he wants to take a walk, which fairy tale to read to him at night.

5. The education of the child in 3 years involve him in the game. At this time, the game – leading line of psychological development of the baby. In the form of a game can teach the child to properly conduct himself in the party, to acquaint with the rules of politeness.

6. More talk to the child. In three years the child already begins to feel pride in their achievements. Parents should praise him, to explain what is good and what is bad. Need to discuss with your child what interests him, to show that adults his opinion is important.

7. Stick flexibility in the relationship with the child. It is not always necessary to insist in some detail. For example, the kid wants to wear a blue jacket, but my mom seems to pants is more appropriate green. It is better to give the kid in such a minor dispute, let him feel that his opinion is also considered. But at the same time, it is important not to succumb to the hysteria of the child, you must remain calm in any situation.

8. Don’t compare the actions and achievements of their baby with the actions of other children. The child is three years old still can not feel a sense of healthy competition. He can only discover his ill feelings toward the opponent. Better compare his present achievement with previous results, and, of course, praise for their improvement.

The basic principles of education and child development at 3 years

Matters in addition to proper upbringing and development of the child in 3 years. In this age the baby already has to acquire certain skills that will help him to live in society.

A child of three should have the following health skills:

independently wash hands, face, brush your teeth, rinse your mouth after eating;

to use the potty independently;

undress and dress;

to take off their shoes and put on shoes with little help from adults;

to be able to sit correctly at the table;

independently drink from a Cup, eat with a spoon.

Physical education of the child in 3 years involves such skills:

own up and down stairs;

to maintain balance when standing on one foot on tiptoe;

to jump off the steps;

jump over small obstacles height;

to take things and throw them;

to run.

In addition, at this age baby needs to be able to ride a tricycle, to put a tower out of blocks or other game materials.

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