Sports activities for kids “Together with mother”

Objectives of the course . Introduce kids to the world of collective practice and joint activities, actively promote the development of fine motor skills of children and to promote their language. The development of perception and thinking, as well as qualities such as agility, strength and endurance.

Classes for mom give a powerful impetus to the development of the child. For early age experience is the basis of high intelligence. In this age of motion play a significant role in the development of the child, as a way of understanding the world. Moving, the child perceives the world around him, learning to love him and interact with him. In the process of motor activity is the formation of the psyche, the development of abilities, vitality, significant personal qualities: curiosity, initiative, persistence, self-controlled behavior, independence and organization.

Present in the classroom mom or another close person sees the program and the lesson material that gives You the opportunity to reinforcing the lesson in Your daily life – while walking or playing at home. Then the result will be doubly great!

What you give class together with her mother:

Classes of children together with parents significantly increase as the level of development of physical qualities, and the rate of formation of vital motor skills of children. Because of the close interdependence of physical and mental development of the child the activation of motor activity leads to increased levels of intellectual development. It is at these sessions, you receive the opportunity to actively contribute to the development of fine motor skills in children and thereby promote their language. Constant supervision by parents after their child and the implementation of insurance enable you to give your children a lot of freedom in motor activity. This freedom leads to the development of agility, development of the child increasingly complex movements, the ability to quickly and accurately implement them. The task of the adult is not to interfere with the child but, if necessary, provide timely assistance. The emergence of positive emotions in the classroom, activates both motor and mental activity of children. Of particular importance is the use of game images. They are most relevant to the perception and the thinking of children. The game is orienting, adaptive activity, because it does not put the child demands that cannot be fulfilled. At the same time it requires a certain voltage associated with the excitement and joy that positively affect the health of the child. Only on similar studies it is possible to implement a full-fledged individual approach to physical and mental development of children through the interaction of a parent who knows the individual characteristics of their child, and teacher to deliver lessons based on knowledge of pedagogy, psychology, physical culture and medicine. Joint activities for children and parents significantly affect the creation and maintenance of favorable psychological climate in the family. The overall development of the child, the formation of positive character traits occurs mainly at the time when he participates in the life of his closest older children and adults, plays, and watches the others. Connecting parents of physical activity in the early stages of the child’s attendance preschool helps to reduce the negative consequences of the adaptation syndrome. This is because a number of conditions, significantly affecting the adaptation of the child is implemented in these classes. This and creating a positive emotional relationships, and fun activities, and increasing the level of physical condition. The interaction between parents and teachers leads to the uniformity requirements when conducting physical education classes. Such collaboration improves communication and increases the level of trust parents to the teaching staff. Joint exercises form the parents the basics of valeological literacy as they give the basic skills of organization of motor activity of young children, knowledge about the physiological peculiarities of the child’s body, about the reaction to physical exercise and methods of pedagogical control.

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