Pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy – this is undoubtedly the most important step in the life of any woman. It is important to prepare it with a mind that is attentive to the development of the fetus and their own health. After all, the welfare of pregnancy and childbirth are interconnected with each other directly.

The average duration of pregnancy in women – from 35 to 42 weeks. With 24 weeks we can talk about the viability of the fetus, but these genera are too premature and run the risk to end in stillbirth. The optimal period for childbirth – 38-41 week. At this point the fetus becomes already very crowded, and he wants to escape. Births after 42 weeks is extremely dangerous, and in most cases end in stillbirth. Throughout the period of pregnancy should be 3 times to get an ultrasound. First time – 12-20 week. At this period of review of fetal syndromes down’s and Edwards. Next ultrasound on the period of 20-24 weeks, you need to check the normal development of the fetus. It is already possible to accurately determine the sex of the baby ( it is possible in principle 15 weeks). Third ultrasound to determine the full development of the fetus and its General condition is conducted at 30 to 34 weeks. For all the time of pregnancy in the hospital you will be asked to take various tests to determine the child’s congenital diseases (diabetes, for example).

In this article you will learn about this: the first and the second pregnancy and birth, pregnancy, immediately after childbirth, fibroids during pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnancy from conception to childbirth

Pregnancy – the period from conception to birth (embryonic period) or from the beginning of the last menstrual period until birth (obstetric term). On the website about pregnancy and childbirth you can learn more about pregnancy, to see a typical calendar of pregnancy. Basically what you need to know about pregnancy from conception to birth – is that pregnancy is divided into three trimesters.

The first trimester. 1-13 week. The embryo becomes human, becomes the senses, appear chaff primary signs. The expectant mother is experiencing morning sickness.

The second trimester of pregnancy from conception to childbirth. 14-26 week. Development and perfection of the organs of the fetus. He has a hearing, fingerprints, fingernails. Clearly visible sex organs. The abdomen is greatly increased in size.

Third trimester. 27-40 week. The fetus is viable. Felt strong fetal movement until recent weeks, when the fetus is already closely move. The complete formation of all the organs, subcutaneous fat. Baby ready to be born.

Pregnancy from conception to childbirth should be under constant surveillance, if not the doctors, the future mother. There are women who believe that research ultrasound tests during pregnancy – waste of money. These procedures are not mandatory, if you are confident in their health and their unborn child. But some complications can accompany pregnancy and childbirth. Photo and video passed the ultrasound will help to ensure a normal pregnancy.

The first birth

Pregnancy and childbirth – this is a favorable sequence of biological processes in a woman’s body. Everything you need to know about childbirth, you will have more to say in the hospital that you think to give birth . Give birth through the birth canal. The fetus out of the uterus, bypassing the cervix and vagina. Home confinement is considered from the beginning of labor pains.

First pregnancy and delivery is always very exciting. Properly prepared woman (literally and psychologically) will take this process easier. The first birth last for an average of 9-11 hours. Delivery in 4 to 6 hours are considered fast. The maximum length of the first birth – 18 hours. Births exceeding this figure, considered to be prolonged. What happens during childbirth in a woman’s body? First, the cervix opens. Then depart the amniotic fluid. Then begins the process of expulsion of the fetus. The fruit should come out head first through the birth path. After the child was born, the mother needs to push after. This usually occurs within 30 minutes.

Do not be afraid of the first pregnancy and childbirth. Photos and videos of these genera, which you can find on the net will help you mentally prepare for the upcoming. Read the literature, go courses in a school for expectant mothers. And should I remind you that in your environment probably already have women who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnancy after childbirth – be careful

Second pregnancy and birth – it’s real immediately after the birth of their first child. The possibility of conception recovers differently in all women, but this period was reduced in the practice of medicine up to 3 weeks. Yes, for 3 weeks, hormones women can recover and resume the ability to conceive. Pregnancy immediately after delivery for 2-3 months is not possible in breastfeeding mothers. But it is a General statistic. Each body recovers differently. To determine whether in oral contraceptive, talk to your gynecologist.

During the first two months after birth, sex women in General is not desirable. The vagina of a woman in labor is characterized by dryness and susceptibility to many contraceptives negative. Second pregnancy and childbirth in the first six months of the first birth is very undesirable. The female body during pregnancy suffered a lot of stress, was rebuilt and is now back. Better to let him rest and to prevent pregnancy after childbirth.

Is it possible to get pregnancy after delivery? Of course, Yes. Only it is better to wait a year. And then you will survive a second pregnancy and birth. Photo happy mom, whose first and subsequent birth was without complications for the body will convince you in deciding about the rest of the pregnancy. Immediately after birth, start to restore your own strength, take care of her baby. ‘ll see that it’s not easy.

Second pregnancy and birth – period features

Second pregnancy and childbirth much easier. Mom already experienced. Remember what it took to pass. Pregnancy after birth first is not so terrible. It’s easier to survive morning sickness, is not afraid of the process of giving birth. Site about pregnancy and childbirth, which you will find on the Internet will tell you how to prepare for the second birth. You must know that pregnancy after the first birth, and also after the termination of pregnancy in the late stages can occur with complications. For example, cesarean section for a first baby, will complicate the process of surrogacy. Also pregnancy affects the age. Of course, the occurrence of pregnancy after the first birth at age 30 years – this is often not as easy as in 25 years.

Enjoyable moment will be the fact that the contractions in the cervix during childbirth not as painful . Maternity road became much more elastic, vagina became wider, which will surely make easier the second pregnancy and birth. Photo confirming it, will find on the Internet.

Fibroids during pregnancy and childbirth

Fibroids – this is a benign tumor that occurs in the muscles of the uterus. The occurrence of fibroid prevents conception, and, of course, prevent fibroids during pregnancy and childbirth. The uterus increases in size. But the danger is that the fibroids interacts with the placenta. Because of this, there is a risk of miscarriage.

Site about pregnancy and childbirth will tell you that in patients with fibroids during pregnancy and childbirth note prolonged confinement. Often used in cesarean section. The danger of the birth canal are the fibroids, formed during pregnancy. After childbirth there may be a complete weakening of the muscles of the uterus. She is not reduced, because there is no tone.

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