On the Peninsula, a growing number of prospective parents

Ukraine continues to maintain the course to as many orphans and children who cannot (or will not) raise a native dads and moms, grew up in families. Not all kids are adopted, and sometimes it is impossible, as though the child and surrendered to the state, but birth parents haven’t abandoned it — went missing, in prison. Often adoptive parents ignore the “children” and those who are already in its infancy. For these and many other children there are orphanages of family type and foster families. They differ from each other by the number of children and the fact that the foster family does not need to create the “necessary conditions for living and education”: all this should already be present. This year in Crimea were a lot of candidates in adoptive parents.

Education as work…

Many people confuse adoption with foster families: apparently, our mentality does not allow to perceive parenting as a job. But the relationship of adoptive mothers and fathers with government such: they are paid a salary, according to the Cabinet, because they take a child into their family, which is otherwise forced to live in a state orphanage.

As told to “1K” the chief of Department on Affairs of minors of the Ministry of youth, family and gender policy of the Crimea Yuri Tulayev, only this year in the autonomy created 6 children’s homes of family type and 18 foster families, which brought about 70 children. The government is now fully funded: for each child paid a monthly allowance of not less than 2 times the subsistence minimum (approximately 1.3 thousand USD.), in addition, foster parents receive a reward of up to 2 thousand UAH. — depending on the number of children.

To create a foster family can now not only families, but also single men and women who felt a calling and desire to give the child what he or she is deprived in an orphanage or boarding school. In every town and district in the city Executive committees, district state administrations have services for children — there and you need to contact to find out what documents you need to gather to create a foster family. Sometimes candidates for adoptive dads and moms care about in the first place whether their living space to take the child. Yuri Tulayev explained that a single standard norms square meters, allowing to create a foster family, no — they are their in each locality. And often the prospective parents are going to meet, allowing them to take the child, if the house or apartment a little bit not up to standards.

Some of the Crimeans, who began collecting documents, go the distance at different stages: some are aware that I am not ready to raise a child, others make the discovery that on their shoulders, it turns out, may lie down and difficult task to protect all the rights of their wards. “1K” more than once wrote that violate the rights of orphans, depriving them of property and housing, and a foster family to the child’s parents have, if that happens, go to the courts and various agencies. And the entire responsibility for the safety of that child belongs to, will be to adoptive father and mother.

Without rose-colored glasses

The last step of becoming a foster family is a training workshop on “the training of prospective foster parents.” According to Yury Tulaev, this year have already passed through it 34 Crimean families and 7 graduate. Of the latter group dropped out for various reasons 4 families. Leading specialist of the Department of social technologies Crimean Republican center of social services for youth Anna Batova said “1K” that the size of the programme -32 hours, 13 lectures 17 practical classes. Training takes place twice a week on Fridays and Saturdays. Prospective foster parents are preparing for the adoption of a new social role for them. Your decision about taking the family to the child, deprived of parental care, they have to take consciously. The training program gives them with knowledge in various fields. For example, the legal maintenance of activity of foster families and family type children’s homes.

Learn how to help your child grow into a new family, tell about the peculiarities of pupils of state-owned buildings, which will be faced by almost everyone. Unfortunately, many of the Crimeans to the point of learning another idealized situation: imagine bringing home a beautiful poor baby, will surround him with love, for which he will give them a sense of the response. But in reality, most likely, the kid will be “difficult child”, “cub”, possibly with developmental delays, and have to spend a lot of time, effort and patience to win his trust, to arouse in him a feeling of affection and love. He can be found “wrong” habits and preferences, unwillingness to learn, jealousy of other children in this family. One of the most effective methods of teaching seminar meetings are candidates for foster parents or foster parents of children’s homes of family type, which is rightly called professionals.

They share a rewarding experience. For example, it is necessary to maintain contact with biological relatives, and it happens that they are and want the child to live with them. This year, said Anna Batova, through the program “Wait for me”, which airs on TV channel “inter”, the parents managed to track down the brothers and sisters of his foster child and return it to the biological family.

This year the candidates for adoptive parents turned out to be unexpectedly high, about 60 couples, and singles. “With such an abundance of willing we can even carry on a conversation about their professionalism, to give priority to people with experience, — says Anna Batova. — Now is drafting a law in which there is a proposal in the future to create family orphanage not from scratch, but on the basis of current foster families with experience of not less than 2 years. Plus the fact that it will already be clear how this family works with children, how successful”.

Be ready!

In the Crimean Republican charity Fund “Center of social protection and assistance”, which previously conducted trainings for foster parents, believe that the current programme of training missed one important point: mandatory attendance of the families of the candidates coaches who are asked to show the place where is it, and how the child will live with, and if necessary, offer to change something. It turns out that even in the presence of the conclusion of normal living conditions, not all families are ready to receive the children. Recently during the training phase revealed that one couple actually violated the conventional family model: in their apartment wasn’t the children’s room and bedrooms of adults — mother lived in one room with his son, and the daughter with the father. Unlikely in such a family, the adopted child would be comfortable. Another example: the child was planning to settle in one room with an elderly 80-year-old woman who almost never arise-

shaft out of bed — it is unlikely that the neighborhood would promote its normal development. In the Ministry of family, youth and sports will be sent a proposal to bring back the practice of visiting the families of the candidates coaches. This year was marked not only by creation but also by the elimination of foster families: 4 of them ceased to exist. But only because they were reorganized into the family of the orphanage and were able to educate not to 4, as before, and up to 10 children. There have been cases of refusal of foster children, but not only for the reason that they had not been contacted in the family. Some pupils… were adopted, as was the case when the mother is deprived of parental rights, restored them, and the child returned to her. By the way, according to the law of the adoptive families, the children can be given up for adoption, and adoptive parents often find it difficult to accept this as well, raising, soul invested… But has adopted a more solid legal status, so the foster family is not always “the last station” on his way to adulthood. True, and the desire of the child, if he is already big enough, when this is taken into account.

Judging by the enthusiasm of the Crimeans, next year, adoptive families can be even more than this, there was even willing to care for children with HIV. So, the population of the state to

the MOU will gradually decrease.

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