Methods of education of children and young twins in the family

9The birth of a child is the best thing that can happen in the life of any woman. And of course what mother wants to raise the baby, whom she could be proud of, you need to start child-rearing a young family during the pregnancy. This process is very important, as it can develop the talents of Your baby. The makings of the fetus appear during the first weeks of pregnancy, when it begins to develop his nervous system and at this point, you can begin to communicate. The easiest way is physical contact, i.e. touching of parents, such as gentle massage and stroking tummy women. Through time it will start to get used to such attention, and before You start to feel it, You will be an emotional connection.

An equally important element of raising a child in the womb – are communication and music, because these are important elements in the daily life of any person, the music can be any style and direction. Regular acquaintance with a calm, classical music, e.g. Bach, will help to develop the brain of the baby and also gives a subtle taste in music from early childhood. Talk with family more about good, it feels even better if you will sing the baby a lullaby. Don’t forget to move any more, not spend all your time in one position, the baby is doing much better with the active lifestyle of the mother. Read aloud and more enjoyable stories and tales, which will cause good emotions and You, therefore, and the crumbs. And most importantly, just love him with all my heart, because it’s important for him to know that he is needed and loved.

Immediately after birth of the baby, it is important to know what he already predisposed, what reflexes endowed. No matter, the education of children in the young family or the more experienced! Now it is very important to get your warmth and affection, take it more often on the hands, touch, make eye contact, smile, speak in a calm and gentle voice. 4 months already confident you can start playing with the toddler, in games like “peek-a-Boo” or “Pat-a-cake”. In another month, he becomes very active, so put the baby on your knees, wear to different places to experience new things, don’t forget to explain everything.

Young parents baby have more opportunities to get energy on their parents because they did not manage to spend anywhere. Accordingly, it is one side of the coin. If you look on the other side, you can see that the experience plays a significant role in the upbringing of the child. A young family just have to listen to the advice of elders, then they will succeed, all experiments will be successful. And when it comes to children, twins or children of twins, then there is important that the young have enough energy for two. Usually paired children are extremely agile!

In 7 months start to consider with baby pictures in the books, let’s flip through the pages, all voiced, comment. Then it comes to the vocabulary of the baby, often repeat the names of objects. In 9 months already dance with the baby, watch cartoons, go for the flat – backed against the wall. Motion, show by example, how to use various items. 11 already use more active games: learn to draw, go out to walk outside and make new contacts with other children of approximately the same age. Family education both large and small children in a young family cannot be a problem, just more often take the child with you on a walk, because we all are born unique, ready to our world, don’t be afraid to acquaint them with the world’s progress, the baby is perfectly catch the game on your tablet, especially since there are many educational programs for kids.

Parenting twins

More patience, parents should stock up in a family where parenting twins . after all, it’s doubly hard to be applied to new methods of education. The main thing You have to remember that it requires a lot of patience, endurance, calm attitude to everything going on around you, whether it’s spilled juice or scattered grains… because Of constant contact, twin babies very close, between them there is a strong relationship, all habits, emotions, even the mood at the moment is transferred to another. It is therefore very important to keep track of each individually, very carefully, since the children imitate their parents, but the twins each other. Sometimes they can start to use their language, which only they can understand. Despite this strong relationship, between them there is a competition for the love of parents or toys, it is important to initially teach them all to share. You also need to pay them the same amount of attention. In no case do not try to compare them to competition does not translate into war. Stop to point out the shortcomings of one, when you praise another, remember: they individuality, so to avoid conflict, only compare with his previous actions. You should not punish both physically, they can’t understand why You can use force, and between them – no! Also stop trying to prevent fights is observed that the less You pay to them in this moment of attention, the greater the likelihood of reducing clashes between the twins.

The main mistake in the education of all children twins is the lack of expression of these identities, often call tots by name, stop trying to generalize and call them in the plural. Buying gifts, do not take the same – this is not happening, they should complement each other, to be able to share or be changed at will. Do not give one common gift is better than two smaller ones that will fully correspond to their taste. Also, do not be forced to visit the same circle, one kid can like sports, others it is art. Doing homework with them, don’t forget to take into account their ability, don’t need to make two to learn math, if one prefer the Humanities. Often parents leave the twins on each other, that is a gross mistake, in the future, they can be very stuck on the brother or sister. Then it will be difficult to find, communicate in a team, to build a family, after all, important people with whom he’s comfortable already there. So I usually just give them the opportunity to interact with their peers and adults. But that doesn’t mean that they should give to the different classes together, they will be easier to transfer the stress from new acquaintances, unfamiliar environment. The main rule when it comes to parenting twins is love, the two are the same, but with the acceptance of the personality of each separately.

To raise a successful and smart baby – easy, you only just stick to a few rules, which are recommended by psychologists:

You too were once small, so you should understand kids, don’t stop too much. Answer asked them questions, because if that doesn’t tell You, he knows himself and maybe not from the sources that we need.

Stop arguing with your child, don’t humiliate him. You are an adult, more experienced people, do not impose your thoughts, concepts, better try to get that into his mind, imperceptibly, as if to this he came himself.

Since six years he is actively developing as a person, this is the best time to begin to lay the Foundation for successful future leadership.

Parenting the toddler laid each at the gene level, and sometimes just enough to off himself in an adult and remember your childhood, then it will be easier to understand and perceive each other’s actions.

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