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There are at least 2 reasons why you should create unusual interior in the bathroom for your child. But if the house has several children, the more you should think about a bathtub with the child’s interior. Children bathroom is the room in which the child to learn independently to care for your body and face. Try to turn the procedure of cleaning teeth, washing your face or bathing in an exciting game.

Colored paint, drawings, cartoon characters, which can not fail to attract attention and not to lift the mood of the child, the best way to procedure personal hygiene category compulsion in favorite treatments. Children will definitely reward you for the effort that you put into the process of turning an ordinary bathroom into a children’s bathroom.

Children ceramic tile with the heroes of multfilmov

Going to spend construction of a bathroom in a children’s version?

New fun tile for kids ‘ bathroom, which is currently filled with construction markets, of course, the best option.

When choosing children bathroom tile in the first place should be safe in all categories. Another indispensable condition is that it should not be grey, austere and boring.

Tiles for kids bathroom, its specific functional areas should be chosen different. Wall is better suited glossy ceramic hob.

Bright children bathroom

But the bathroom floor should not be slippery. Here need a tile without enamel and gloss, with a certain group of wear resistance, in our case it is 2 group. The right choice of tiles for bathroom and related materials such as waterproof glue and mastic, subsequently fully compensated for the preservation of health, good mood and a long service life of the bathroom.

Success comes only to skilled

Well of course, when needs are compatible with the capabilities. If there was no possibility of laying new tiles, suitable for interior kids bathroom you can create by simply applying a regular sticker on the tile in the bathroom.

For decorating the walls of children’s bath in the assortment in a huge selection of various materials.

There are a variety of vinyl stickers, colorful pictures, and even volumetric toys, different styles and themes.

Bathroom with vinyl stickers of Mickey mouse

For example, the boys really like the nautical theme. The pirates, the Navy, sea monsters, and blue colors – suitable bathroom decor boy. Will fit all the colors and the attributes associated with the travel (ships, shells, sand).

But I see this a publish bathroom girls. “I wish my bathroom was big. Want there was a shower with player and definitely a little bath. The most important thing a small nightstand with a large sink. I would wash with the music in the shower, and I was comfortable there. And I want the walls were drawings of tiles purple and turquoise. And on the tiles stickers with princesses and castles”. Agree, not very large requirements, especially because the bathroom is already there, the tile is laid. It remains to paint it and to make stickers. Do not forget to involve the child. He will have the opportunity to participate in the development and implement there own ideas.

What you should know

Don’t be afraid to dream. All these and many other stickers on the tiles in the bathroom can make yourself. This is done Dolny just. You can even use pictures of their children. As with any job, before you spend sticker preparatory stage. The traditional material, which widely separates the bathrooms, is a glossy ceramic tile. Well wipe the tile, even if yesterday you were washing. Better to do it with alcohol, then water.

Painting on ceramic tiles

The tile is finished and has dried out, you can begin the creative process. Think through the design and prepare the stencils. The processed stencil spray adhesive so that it does not slip on the tile surface. Take the brush and apply paint to the stencil. Paint needs a special – for glass & ceramics. Allow it to dry and gently remove the stencil from the tile.

Child’s drawing on the ceramic tiles in the bathroom

The creation of your hands with success remains on the tile. Considering the General concept of turning an ordinary bathtub into the nursery, holding the sticker on the tile in the bathroom throughout the area. For each work phase, their characters, clearly showing the results. Tiles in the children’s bathroom after the stickers to become a real Hermitage. Because as stencils on some tiles you used the drawings of your children.

Down with the monotony

Tiles for kids bathroom, decorated with stickers of favorite characters, transformed beyond recognition the bathroom, and now she really became a children’s bathroom. Stickers on the tile in the bathroom is not the only option.

The drawings on the tile too look original. The drawings can be a wonderful addition to the stickers.

Let kids paint the colors of the tiles. Let the paint brushes or just hands. It stimulates their creative imagination. The variety of vivid and bright colors in the interior kids bathroom will have a positive effect on mood, and not just the child. The joy of working together with the child will definitely experience, and you.

It happens sometimes…

And now, every day, in an atmosphere of delight and solid positive emotions the child will have to develop sustainable habits, daily hygienic procedures, without tears and whims. The result has been achieved, and are quite simple and affordable solutions!

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