In the morning porridge… What to replace?

Food is different – separate, balanced, vegetarian, rational, traditional and so-forth. Everyone chooses their own style of food.

If a person has never sat on a diet, he will sooner or later begin to think about nutrition as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Well, if the people around him adhere to a healthy diet (especially examples in childhood), otherwise, the man who decided to eat right, faces the challenge of overcoming their habits.

Almost everyone knows the basic principles of healthy eating, we all try to adhere to certain rules, but more often we are under the influence of various misconceptions and judgments about a particular style of food. And the habits that we have acquired in childhood, have a higher pressure in the choice of those or other products.

Why kids don’t like cereal . Almost everyone’s first reaction to tasting so important dishes – negative. Why? However, after some time, the child gets used to the cereal, and she already seems so tasteless. Now remember: You used to Breakfast sandwiches, but in my head still sits a fad, that they begin to eat properly in the morning and have cereal … but every time I lay her cooking. Why? Maybe the mess is not such a useful product? Harmful cereal ?

Of course, in comparison with other carefully prepared masterpieces: grilled sausages, roasted chicken, scrambled eggs and other culinary delights, the porridge looks like a dish from the area of healthy eating. But why does our body (and baby) does not Express a huge eagerness to eat this dish?

As usual we cook porridge? Of course milk. What do they make? From cereals bought in stores… sanded, steamed, roasted… Industrial production is trying to save us time, and we were even instant oatmeal…

What benefit can remain in the ground and steamed croup. And here it may be helpful to ask yourself the question : whether it is harmful porridge . Cooked porridge made from such grains are not more than a lifeless mass, which will help to get us calories, but not nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Did you know that porridge made with milk, not digested? Our body, Oh, how hard it is to digest everything that enters our body with milk, because milk forms a film, which in turn prevents the absorption of other products.

But habit is stronger, and we continue to believe that cereal is a great healthy food. It is very difficult to cook porridge on the water, because we were fed and convinced that porridge should be made with milk, it was then, it will be nutritious and healthy. However, our body doesn’t think so and stubbornly continues to look for the moments to avoid eating this dish.

Cereals, cooked as a side dish is great to satisfy hunger, and eating cereals separately from meat, will allow the body to extract the maximum amount of nutrients.

Choosing between pasta, fried potatoes and cereals, it is better to give preference to the latter. How to extract from grains the maximum benefit?

Cook them on the water.

To cook them properly, that is in the correct proportions of water and cereals, as well as keeping the time frame.

You can eat them separately from the meat, with lots of greenery.

Ideal: not to cook, and sprout.

The last point is very hard to understand, as our eating habits would not understand it, because my whole life cereals cooked, why sprout? To cook porridge with closed eyes, but to germinate… there’s going to need some patience, which is not enough.

A lifetime we ate cereal in the morning . since this is a nutritious, hearty Breakfast. Eating porridge for Breakfast, people won’t want to eat anything. But how will he feel? Surely, you are faced with a situation when in the morning I’m not hungry, but sits in my head “must” and we dutifully, on autopilot, almost in a dream, go and eat cereal or something more fatty and fried ;)… And then the heaviness… the desire to go back to bed… tossing in the pot… nausea…

Why do we need such a Breakfast? Cereal in the morning may be good, but provided that you have got very hungry. Many of the same Breakfast, barely opening his eyes, because every minute counts.

How can I replace cereal in the morning? Sandwiches, scrambled eggs, pancakes, cheese, fruit, vegetables, meat? More than half of the above will cause the same heaviness in the abdomen, like porridge… We Wake up every morning to start some important business, for this we need energy and inspiration. But where to take them when we want to sleep, and in the stomach we feel discomfort?

Is it possible the consumption of fruit for Breakfast? Fruit. Not unless they can be satisfied? So many people think because they’re run by their habit. Addiction to the feeling of heaviness after meals… We are so used to gravity that believe that enough was enough, if not feel it. So the idea is to replace the cereal, or anything else for fruit in the morning makes us disapproval and doubt. Can be vegetables ?

If this article will cause someone to think, will bring some more arguments in favor of fruit for Breakfast.

The fruit is alive vitamins no one will argue will not. On average, how many times a day a person uses them? I think not much. Again we used to think fruit – dessert. Fruit is something of a delicacy, as you can substitute fruits full meal, particularly Breakfast? I repeat, this way of thinking is a fallacy, just a habit of our food, because we have not tried to eat differently, and these ideas cause us only a negative perception.

In today’s hectic lifestyle, time on eating fruit does not remain: Breakfast – lunch – dinner, between which the tea party with friends and coffee with co-workers, snacks various snacks…. Fruits in the best case go for dessert… In connection with this morning is a great time of day for consumption of fruits, and in large quantities. � Idea what a huge thank you to will tell you your body after some time.

Try it! To change eating habits is never too late, you can always go back to the usual Breakfast and heaviness in the stomach in the morning ;)…

The difficulty you may face the feeling of emptiness, because nothing needs to be cooked… Habit of cooking our own Breakfast firmly in everyday life, and then the fruit – Yes chew swallow, can be a feeling as if something is missing.

So the first time you can prepare the fruit :), crushing them in a blender. Add to the ground bran and weight of different seeds, nuts and dried fruits. By the way, so that’s fruity porridge very similar in appearance to normal porridge, but 100% times more useful. And cereals leave for other meals, as a main dish with greens. �

Enjoy your future appetite

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