How to ask for money from men on gifts

Many women can’t imagine yourself how you can ask your man money for their various needs.

But quite often, men suits, what woman could ask for some cash.

They may be hurt that his mate borrows money from his girlfriend.

How to ask for money from men from simple advice to their essence

Here are a few tips:


Request and not a requirement


Not for myself

Do not make excuses

A man should

To hide the truth


Show the result

And now more.

If you don’t have another guy, it can be found on the social network, but that can throw off the familiar guy.

Clear and direct ask for money

First, you need to learn from your young person to ask, but not demand. As you know men are very poorly understood any hints, that’s why its request it is best to formulate a fairly straightforward and understandable.

Remember that men don’t read your thoughts, and they can about your needs to imagine themselves. But if you are afraid, you can start with light hints, tell me, what would you like and look at its further reaction.

If you then have a a stupor, it is likely in future to expect from him nothing, so you should think that the man next to you, with whom would you like to live life.

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Will request if you need money

Try to overcome your fear, turn to him boldly with his request, but if you will be continually be quiet, man may never learn about all your needs, you will have to appear irritability and discontent.

Well, he in turn can take this as a simple whim.

Don’t ask for too many men

Do not worry that the man may respond to you with a refusal, he probably just afraid to hear in the address reproaches and various charges, so it is much easier just to satisfy your request.

All and you don’t need to show arrogance, it is worth considering all the financial possibilities, because if you take away all of his monthly wage, then surely, next time he just won’t.

Asking for money saying that they need for the household

Not all representatives of the stronger sex can easily part with their cash, so you need clear and explain that you face and have to always look appropriate.

Also explain that money is also needed for the upkeep of the household.

Or if you are tired of the guy, you can find the other using the questions in the social network and other tricky methods.

Do not make excuses

After you ask him for money for any needs, do not make excuses, don’t tell him about what happened emergency.

Let them gradually get used to the fact that you can ask him for a certain amount of money, don’t let him know that this is a request only, or even the last.

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Immediately determine that it needs to give you money

Very often, couples do not sign for it, they just live together and this can subconsciously influence the behavior of partners.

A woman or girl thinks about who she is in this house and whether she to ask for money in the elect.

But it’s just not right, you live together, so the man still carries certain responsibility, he needs to understand this.

Of course, such important issues should speak in advance so that in the future there were no insults at each other.

Not talking about what you really want to buy

If a man really loves you with all his heart, then there should be no conflict over money, he will only be happy to support you financially.

But do not forget that you should not ask money for some female “toys”, such as cosmetics, otherwise the man might just think that you are interested in not he but only his money, but we do not need.

You should definitely read:

Describe the problem urgency

Try directly and clearly to tell your partner about your problem, for example, that you a long time does not give wages, and you need to pay your bills, if a man genuinely loves you, he will help you and will not leave in the lurch.

But if we give you money, but with the condition that you will return, that is in debt, then you need to think about whether you really this person.

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Show what you spend, first of all yourself

In case you are still married is not easy, because men just don’t understand our women’s need for funds for hygiene and beauty, in cosmetics.

Many consider it to be a simple whim, but it takes quite a lot of money. Try to explain to him that you want to look good in the first place for himself, believe me, he will definitely appreciate it, buy those things that will be exactly like your husband.

So try to become master in all family expenditures for household needs, so you can just avoid the problem begging for money from men.

Remember, the important thing is not to fear, not to be shy and only need to speak confidently.

Don’t forget that you can’t overdo it, otherwise your young man just might think that you’re not after his money, and even if so, don’t show him this, otherwise your relationship may soon be completed.

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