Greedy man

Today, he went on a date without flowers, yesterday saved on lunch in the cafe, and the day before yesterday refused to spend a romantic weekend in another city. What is it? He was sorry for money for you? It’s possible that the people you meet – trivial greedy. Look at me closer to him.

Signs of greedy men?

Gifts for no reason – it is very cute and nice. And if your partner doesn’t bother with any surprises, it is a dangerous sign. However, maybe he’s just Thrifty? Notice how often he talks about money – if this is his favorite topic of conversation, frugality isn’t about your man is greedy. And in conversations about how and how much he spent, don’t really see anything special.

If such a man will lead you to a restaurant you will not fail to comment on, how expensive will cost him a dinner for two. Don’t look at what he expresses it in a playful tone, – he certainly regrets that this money could week led you on a less pretentious cafe. And so tip the waiter from him and did not wait. Furthermore, in very advanced cases, a man does not disdain to count the change.

The greedy man is not necessarily a little. If his income is more than the average, then it does not show. Could afford holidays abroad and buy expensive things, but somehow never rests and never buys. Either saves, or just stingy, but the fact remains – he is greedy and parting with money is very painful. Therefore always seeks to save, to the extent that it denies the necessary things.

But how did it happen? Let’s see where the roots of greed your vote.

What is the reason?

Economical until greed often become habit. Heavy youth, life in the mode of constant economy – it all puts a mark on the manner to dispose of money. And even if life returned to normal, and there is no sign of its former cramped in the Finance – the habit remained. Now he is practical in all things, in particular uses discount cards and prefer to dine at home instead to go with you in the cafe.

The second type of greedy men – selfish, those who always and everywhere used only to please themselves and to spend their money, too. But you he would not show how well off. Natural selfishness causes a man to save money, is it possible to save on your own spending.

Stinginess men often due to his constant desire for something to save. He decided to save the money for your holiday together in the Maldives and is steadily moving towards this goal. And you continually interfere by offering to go into the restaurant, it is possible to update your wardrobe, it is possible to buy a second plasma panel. Of course he will fight for their right to vacation this year and not the next, inevitably, if you start to spend the accumulated.

If you are still not long enough to know a man, maybe in front of you meanie fourth type – unsure of you. His logic is simple and unpretentious: he knows you well enough, and, accordingly, does not consider it necessary to spend serious money, but in the future will show. Seems reasonably justified, but for some reason it becomes very nasty from such reasoning. After all, a common future with this approach may never come.

Another cause of male greed grows out his complexes and fears. He will pamper you with gifts for no reason and drive to restaurants just because we don’t want you to love him just for that. And they suffer because never occurred to these men that women fall in love with them for a very different reason. And there’s such a factor as the fear of being humiliated. Imagine it will be “investing” in your money and in every way to achieve your location, but in the end everything will end gap… the Greedy man will not be so offensive – you can always pretend that we aren’t him and were expensive. In short, a sort of defensive reaction.

To endure or quit?

So, the diagnosis is made, the type of greedy men defined. And what do we do with him? Output, as it is banal, two: or endure, accepting the way he is, or throw. In any case do not think that there is a third option! You do not change the greedy man is better to not even try. You can just try to learn to live with a stingy partner.

If it does not contradict your belief – offer to share expenses in half. Make him gifts. In short, the material participate in the development of your relationship. It is important not to overdo it, so as not to insult the man by such a behavior. Otherwise he will simply run away. Just behave with him as you would want him to behave with you. Tell him that you appreciate him for what he is doing for you, for his care, not to broach the issue of money.

Please reconsider your attitude towards money. Perhaps you really are spending too much money on unnecessary things? And if you collect all the expenses for the year, then this amount can be, for example, to go on vacation. Impressive? So it may be worth to start saving together with the elect?

Talk to the man to understand the cause of his greed – is also an option. It is possible that he too, in turn, will reconsider their attitude to money and understand that sometimes you can afford and unwise spending. And it is possible to have a separate budget for each spending money as it thinks fit. Then disputes over the proper allocation of money will disappear by themselves.

But if you don’t want to change anything in my life and with such a mean man you are simply not on the same road – well, to condemn no one has the right. After all, in the end, we women are quite worthy to spoiled us and gave us gifts!

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