Family education in the school setting

State budgetary educational institution of the Republic of Khakassia for children – orphans and children left without parental care, “the Montenegrin special (correctional) boarding school”.

Family education in the conditions of a boarding school.

Family education of children in boarding school is one of the most important, most urgent and complex problems of the educational process. The family plays an important role in the mental development of the child, affects the attitude of children to education, largely determines its success and is essential in mastering people social norms. It is in the family formed the first ideas of the child on a particular social role: father, mother, friend, neighbor, etc. Representations of orphans enrolled in a boarding school mostly from disadvantaged families, are substantially distorted. They create their own, often incorrect, the image of a particular role.

In the boarding school children got here for different reasons:

Children who never saw their parents. In this case, the impact on children have only the people around them: caregivers, children, etc.

Children who were brought up in the family, but their parents died, retain a good relationship with the family, and indirectly to the example of family members in which they were, have a significant impact.

The children, parents, living – social orphans and are still influenced by family, although they don’t live with her.

Children, of course, understand the complexity of the lives of their families. But at the same time, feeling the presence of parents, the desire for them to some extent create the specific conditions under which children seek a justification for the behaviour of their parents, looking for something that gives them the opportunity to form a distorted view of other people. They are committed to their family, often aware of the complexity of the situation: on the one hand stay in the family is heavy for them, and on the other hand, they are happy that they have loved ones.

The creation of his family is a cherished dream of every child. But on the way to the realization of his dream they fail, more often than their domestic peers, as they don’t have clear ideas, knowledge, abilities and skills of independent living, ways of interaction with the environment. Students after graduation from boarding school is not always able to apply this knowledge in practice.

And therefore, family education is one of the priorities in the work of all teaching staff. Developed and implemented a program for the education of family values in the conditions of a boarding school. Our main goal is: to foster in the pupils of the boarding school family values and preparation for their future family life. The main goal is possible with the creation of optimal conditions for adaptation, rehabilitation of pupils (full life, filled with a variety of business, creative, socially relevant activities, the creation of each pupil situation, “success”), assistance in life-determination, moral, civil, and professional development, creating conditions for self-realization.

Our objectives:

To educate adolescents have a positive attitude to a happy family.

To develop skills of correct construction of family relationships.

To adolescents, the traditional view of family roles, the functions of the family and its values.

To correct pupils ‘ views on family problems.

In our work we are guided by: the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Convention on the rights of the child, the RF Law “On education”, the Federal law “On basic guarantees of child rights”, the Federal law № 120 “On principles of prevention of child neglect juvenile delinquency”, Typical position about educational institution for children – orphans and children left without parental care”.

Expect to get the following results:

To increase the level of knowledge of pupils about family roles, functions of the family and its values.

Positive changes would take effect in the case of children in the family, improve the moral climate in the family.

Formed the ability to control your emotional state.

The goal of family education certainly remains favourable conditions for developing in pupils the classical model of his future family. For getting positive result all the work on the formation of a positive image of the family is carried out using various forms and methods as a group (method of modeling of problem situations; a method of co-creation, allowing the caregiver to become not only the event, but his party; ‘s method; method of creative possibilities, as well as individual. So using a form of “simulation”, pupils learn to make good decisions, changing their negative attitude, and fixing the positive. Using different directions, such as “the Family and its functions, Role of the family in modern society”, “Farm families and budget”, “Registration of marriage. The marriage contract. Wedding”, “Protection of motherhood and childhood,” “family disputes”. Family holidays: “How to choose a gift”, “How to create a festive atmosphere in the house”, “How to decorate a festive table”. Questioning: “My view of the family”,

“Conflict whether you are a person?”. Workshops: “a kind word you native people”, “How to create coziness in the family”, “How do you see your future happy family.” Game: “Box of secrets”, “We play in the family”, pupils enjoy learning and have a real idea about future family life.

Thus, the students develop a vision of family roles, family man, able in the future to create a normal family, able to raise their children, are able to Orient themselves in different situations.

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