Death legally.

The scandals associated with the work of employees of the Tomsk police (militia) hardly anyone of us can surprise you. However, not all cases were brought to the criminal investigation and trial. This time we will talk about a strange death ( most likely murder) of an employee of the Regional Committee of the Communist party. candidate Valery Jigulina, who died suddenly after visiting the Kirov ROVD ( Police Department No. 1), this high profile case, was never investigated by anyone. Recently, 8-12 December marked the first anniversary of those distant events. So, let’s recap the facts that some would like to forget. Just want to say that I certainly condemn the actions of Valery Jigulina December 8, when he shot his wife during an argument. For him he would have to answer to the fullest extent of the law. However, no one has the right to administer punishment, brutally torture and kill suspects before the court.

« Drank vinegar” after a quarrel with his wife

On the death of a famous Tomsk activist, member of the Regional Committee of the CPRF Valery Jigulina, Tomsk became known on 13 December 2010. The original information came from the friends of the deceased workers and the Communist party who worked with him. The first data on death were very contradictory. Valery Żyglin died 12 December at the Department Bureau. Like before this is known Tomsk Communist quarreled with his wife, beat her and had attempted suicide by drinking vinegar, why died in a day. Toward evening it became known the details. They strangely gave the press service of the Department of internal Affairs across the Tomsk region.

According to the Tomsk Department of internal Affairs Valery Żyglin was detained on Thursday, December 8, after the result of a quarrel struck his wife Natalia grievous bodily harm (the woman was taken to the intensive care unit) and has given grateful evidences. He was elected a measure of restraint in the form of recognizance not to leave. After that he was allowed to go home. On 9 December against him was prosecuted. Re the Żyglin was summoned to the Kirov regional Department of internal Affairs on 10 December, to conduct an investigative experiment.

In a press-service of the Department of internal Affairs emphasized that Valery Żyglin “he went from police station to go home on Friday, December 10, alive and well”, which confirms the video made on the same day. The following day, December 11, Tomic entered the regional clinical hospital, where he died on December 12.

More detailed information to the police Department refused to give, saying that the details still says the test, which could last up to 30 days.

“For us it was a shock”

On the same day, the official comment gave the first Secretary of the Communist party city Daniel Taikun. According to him the death of Valeria Jigulina occurred as a result of beatings inflicted on him by police. – For me it was a real shock, said Daniel Taikun, – Valera was very calm balanced person. Wouldn’t hurt a fly, and even the voice will not increase. All of this was just crazy to read. About his death I can say this, he died from the beating. Information about “drunk vinegar” was intentional “duck”, the neighbors and the mother watched as he returned home from the police with bruises, and his right arm just hung. In confirmation of the words of the first Secretary of a city town Committee of the Communist party provided a death certificate Valeria Jigulina. Help was specified cause of death — “acute renal failure” and “positional compression syndrome of right upper extremity, right thorax and abdomen”. – Mother Valeria Jigulina told that her son was beaten during the arrest, and there are witnesses to the entrance of the house, — added Danil Taikun – we do this anyway so won’t leave and will keep the investigation into the death under control

Spent the night in police Department

We were able to chat with mom Valeria Jigulina Aza Mikhailovna Illinoi. According to her, her son was brutally beaten by police. – It all started with the fact that his wife Natalia provoked a fight, says Aza M., in the heat of passion Valera stabbed her. After that, he immediately called «Ambulance». With doctors arrived employees of militia, with the intention of taking him to the Kirov ROVD. The son said that he would go to the police only with the son, since he can’t leave a 7 year old child alone at home. The police said that “leave the boy with neighbors, we have to take you”. Valera said that you can’t leave your son with neighbors. There was skirmish, during which he was knocked down, beaten up, handcuffed and dragged to jail. We saw neighbors. In the police he confessed to the crime, wrote a confession and was released home, but on the morning of January 9, he called me to say that he was visited by the investigator again to take him in for questioning. From the police the Żyglin returned late in the evening and in the morning he was again summoned for questioning. As told by a mother about her son, nothing was known almost a day. On the morning of December 10, alarmed by this turn of events the woman went to the Kirov ROVD. There initially long recognized that Valery Żyglin is with them. -In the log any data about his detention or bringing nothing – continues Aza Mihalovna, – I initially said that it generally is not here. Only after my persistent requests, on-call telephone service called the investigator and said that Valera and now they’ll talk to me. Son on the phone told me that now there is an investigative experiment, and in the evening he will be home.

In the evening of 10 October, Valery Żyglin returned home, much someone hackneyed. – He had a bruise on his face, and his right hand he held a somehow unnatural, as whip – continues Valera’s mother, is my questions, what happened, he said nothing. Said only that I took her son and left home because he doesn’t feel well. I put her grandson and went to my apartment. The next day, December 11, I called the neighbors and told that he was taken by «Ambulance” to the provincial hospital, in the intensive care unit. On the morning of December 12, I was called by the doctors of the design Bureau and reported that at 7 o’clock in the morning my son died. December 14, relatives of Valeria Jigulina filed in SKP at office of public Prosecutor of the Tomsk region to initiate upon violent death Jigulina criminal case and conduct a full forensic examination.

Inquiry using the safe?

Since there were no comments from officials about the strange death of Valery Jigulina was no more, we asked Professor, Siberian state medical University at the Department of forensic Fedor Alyabyev 14 December to comment on the basis of the death certificate. – Of course, I can’t make a final conclusion according to the death certificate data as yet, says Professor, Siberian state medical University Fedor Alyabyev, but I can say that this diagnosis is “acute renal failure” and “positional compression syndrome of right upper extremity, right thorax and abdomen” occurs only when external pressure. For example, when “crash-syndrome”, when it pinches a mangled car. The victim approximately 6-8 hours under very heavy object, possibly a safe or Cabinet. It is many hours squeezing chest delayed blood supply, necrosis of muscle, and then dying the fabric gave infection in the blood, which developed rapid renal syndrome. As Valery Żyglin died December 12, injuries he probably received 9 December, since the syndrome renal failure develops in 3-5 days.

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