Children’s Room

If your apartment more than one room, the question arises: which of the available space to devote to a baby? What criteria will be decisive? Given the various arguments for a country house, for large and for small apartment. Teach them how to be the person in the presence of only two rooms.


In a large apartment or a country house

Next door to parents. While the child is an infant, it is convenient to arrange his crib in the parents ‘ bedroom. But too long in this neighborhood can be. Older children psychologically need personal space, which perforce will be violated when combining rooms. And constant “moving” from room to room, of course, is not the answer. So try to make the nursery a room close to your bedroom.

Best option. When it comes to a country house, the child would be best placed in one of the bedrooms on the second floor. It is desirable, that was my parents ‘ bedroom and bathroom Granny or nanny.

Windows on the East or Southeast. In this room, the child before noon will be actively playing in daylight, and after dinner fell asleep when the sun goes “decline”. Traditionally, a child is withdrawn the brightest room in the apartment. However, the “bust” sunlight is also undesirable, because the kid needs to sleep during the day.

Photo: children from the project implemented by the creative Association “Arbabi”.

In the room with two Windows. It is easier to air without creating drafts. Generally, the baby’s room should be well ventilated, but avoid draughts. So no walk-through areas. Not suitable and rooms, located opposite one another (in the apartment-the”limits”). Otherwise you have to live in the stifling atmosphere, so as to open the window in the room opposite you will not: there will be a draft.

Proximity to other rooms — another important criterion when choosing a place for the child. About the neighborhood roditelskoj bedroom we have already spoken. Let’s see what happens if children in the house is adjacent to other spaces:

Kitchen. Of course, well, when you can call your child for lunch without leaving the kitchen. But the smells and noise — not the best companions for children’s classes, games and NAP.

Entrance hall. The placement of the child next to her is not hygienic. Room for a child will absorb all the dirt from the street.

Office. When children in the house is next to the Cabinet, it is impractical for adults. Children often play loud, and work in such difficult conditions. And bring the game a dad or mom — the most lovely thing: don’t be surprised if the child soon will assume your office is a permanent place for games.

Living room. It may coexist with children, especially if in the common room made it’s “part” of sports area or computer Desk). Even when children have their own territory, they love to play with my parents. And adults would be safer to communicate with guests and to see the baby. However, it will not hurt to outweigh the TV screen to the most distant from the nursery wall, and to take care of additional sound insulation.


If the children’s room is quite small, there is better to make your children’s bedroom and play area to organize in the common room. For this fit’s furniture: doll flats, toy stores, tents, houses, etc.

In a two-bedroom apartment

Here the selection is not great: to arrange a baby in the living room or sleep in the common room himself. To orientirovatsya it should on two criteria: the child’s age and area of a larger room.

Convenient option for mom and baby — cot with a removable sidewall. Due to this, it is possible to come to move up to “adult” bed. Just to be safe the crib will need to fix.

Photo: baby bed PM.BD.YO.20 factory Piermaria.

If the child is small: make a shared bedroom. The baby will be more comfortable to be around their parents. Under the bedroom divert a large room, divided into areas for adults and children. In a smaller room make the living area. Between two equal size rooms, choose the one of better natural lighting: two Windows or a Bay window. Do not hide the child for the Cabinet, in the corner − this can cause later psychological problems. Enough mobile partitions, curtains or screens, which parent’s bed will be separated from your child for the night.

If the child is of school age, he will feel more comfortable in a separate room from their parents. There are two options: give him a piece of living room or to give him the entire bedroom:

1. the child in the living room. Try to clearly divide it into zones and never “parasites” on the children’s side of the room: you have the right to do permutation, to restore order only half of the total. But remember that with this option you get the living room exclusively for family leisure: as soon as the child will need to go to bed, you turn off the lights and go to the kitchen or in her own bedroom (where guests name).

2. the child in the bedroom. If you — the parents are young and active, and in the house you often have guests, it is better to give a smaller room into a nursery. And himself to settle for the sofa bed in the living room until you see an opportunity to improve their housing conditions.


In the model kvertirah under children have to take a room in a 7-8 square meters. Great to help save space bunk beds, loft beds: at the bottom you can put a Desk or couch for friends, and to sleep on the second tier.

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