Child 10 months of development

I sum up, what can the child in 10 months, I will describe our food, will address the topic how to develop the child in 10 months.

Begin, as always with the main indicators of height and weight of the baby, in order to know the regulations in this age, use age table height, weight of the child so

What can the child in 10 months

Our baby finally mastered all righty, my grandma taught me, as soon as she comes into the room, he immediately starts to clap, showing her my progress.

Waving a stick, when saying goodbye or when greeting

Some children already go in this age, we are still there. The child stands up, holding, doing the steps right, left. Actively crawling, sometimes tears off my knees from the floor.

Carries the machine on the floor with the sounds of “BBB”

Consciously says mom, dad, Baba and continues to babble, became very loud to cast a vote, especially if suddenly someone comes in the door, seems he greets the man and flies from the mouth of a short vowel between “A” and “O”

Loves a song in English, Old MacDonald, as soon as I turn it, it starts to jump, to laugh and rejoice. Here this song «Old MacDonald «, very fond of the cartoon «Kitten Gav » — this is our salvation, when you can safely eat and to do some housework…

Independently climbs onto the bed

Knows how to turn on and off lights, looking at the bulbs, it is an interesting result that he turned on and turned off the light

Likes to change channels on the TV remote

In the car loves driving stand, on/off tape, wipers, lights….

Entrance go the pebbles, and gravel, for the development of fine motor skills, so of flour met. Don’t forget about the big toe, about which they say that they want to do a circular movement for speech development.

For the development of imagination, thinking, memory, I use the card according to the method Doman –Manchenko,here’s our detailed lessons on the cards “the World in the palm of a hand” means the cards, we introduced the baby to animals, with the plant world that man has invented, with the mysteries of nature. In General, interesting technique.

Finger paints are also relevant in this age.

Give a child with salty dough, too funny lesson. Detail «Form small dough »

Do not forget about nursery rhymes, tongue twisters. tales, it is now actively pursuing development of speech.

Also show the card on the Doman method, downloaded card and deduce on the TV screen, put a slide show and give voice to the picture — fruits, animals, shapes. Watching with great interest.

Here’s the article by the method of Glenn Doman and cards can be downloaded there: the Glenn Doman Method

Child mode in 10 months

Morning sleep 10.30 (from power for a half hour less), after eating,

Dining sleep at 14.00 (if I will lie with him, then 1.5 hour sleeps, if he sleeps without me, half an hour )

(18.00 rarely can get some sleep)

Night sleep at 22.00 (wakes up 1-2 times)

The child’s diet in 10 months

Breast milk, vegetables, meat, broth, fruit, porridge, cottage cheese, egg yolk, butter, liver

7.00 – 8.00 Breasts (milk not so much, so give porridge in 2 hours

10.00 porridge + 1 tsp ghee. + in a day a quail egg yolk

13.00 start typing beef broth, vegetables boiled in it separately and then blender the vegetables turn into pulp, adding a little broth, and a separate cast the broth and serve

And broth and mashed potatoes with vegetables. Vegetables (carrots, onions, potatoes)

Either option. Vegetable medley (zucchini, carrots, potatoes, onions) all boil and blender to mix. Serve with meat. 5 times a week, beef, rabbit, horse meat, lamb, 2 times a week white meat of the Turkey

17.00 Cheese I make, take fresh yogurt and cook on the steam bath, then add fruit puree, liver serves.

I want to enter into the diet of goat milk, they say very useful, even allergies in children relieves.

21.00 Chest

All success in the education and health !

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