Bad habits and pregnancy

Reverent attitude to strong drinks, sometimes considered the distinctive features of the Russian people. This statement can be argued, but to some extent it’s probably true. Therefore, it is useful to talk a little bit about alcohol during pregnancy.

Pregnant woman even at all desire can not drink alone — it will always be fruit. Alcohol easily passes through the placenta and enters his body. Moreover, there was not the best way. Harmful and the alcohol (ethanol) and its decay products is acetaldehyde, for example. Alcohol may cause spasm of blood vessels of the placenta and umbilical cord, which leads to oxygen starvation of the fetus.

Acetaldehyde reduces levels of zinc in fruit cells, inhibiting their growth and development. It can cause changes (mutations) in the DNA of germ cells, and this may lead to gross malformations of organs and tissues of the fetus. In addition, alcohol causes the deficiency of vitamins, disrupts the exchange of other important substances — hormones, prostaglandins, etc. eventually affects many organs and systems of the fetus, but more especially of the Central nervous system (including intelligence and behavioral sphere).

Alcohol use by a woman during pregnancy significantly increases the risk of miscarriage, low birth weight infants, and in the most severe cases, leads to the development of fetal alcohol syndrome. The so-called disease of the fetus due to prenatal alcohol damage. This syndrome is characterized by specific abnormalities of the face, retarded physical and mental development, behavioral abnormalities, lesions of the heart and other organs.

Last gloomy touch to the portrait of the problem — the consequences of alcoholic lesions of the fetus irreversible and virtually impossible to cure. However, this pattern is not always observed, and you are entitled to ask reasonable questions: what affects the risk? On the dose? From the regularity of alcohol consumption? Or from something else?

The nature of the consequences of alcohol exposure to the fetus depends on very many reasons. Of course, a crucial role is played by a lot of alcohol and the frequency of their use. Scientific studies show that daily intake of a pregnant 30 grams of alcohol (or other alcoholic beverages in terms of alcohol) accompanied by a high risk of fetal alcohol syndrome in the unborn child.

However, this syndrome often occurs in children whose mothers drank 3-5 grams of alcohol daily!

A single safe for all dose not exist, because the harm of alcohol to the fetus depends on the characteristics of the female body processing alcohol and reaction to alcohol, condition of organs and systems at the time of pregnancy, the nature of the diet, related bad habits, the genotype of the fetus, gestational age and many other things.

The obvious fact — it is unwise to expose the fetus even minimal risk. Of course, don’t panic, if you drank a glass of sparkling wine or bottle of beer once or twice. However, if someone tells you that daily a small glass of wine at dinner “improves blood”, and 20-30 grams of alcohol tinctures of some “miracle plant” improve immunity, remember — on the second scale is a real risk of fetal alcohol syndrome.

For you to be could estimate the “alcoholic value” of alcoholic beverages, provide a table of the alcoholic equivalent of some of them:

beer 100 g, 3.6 g of alcohol;

the table wine 100 g to 9.5 g of alcohol;

the fortified wine 100 g of 15.3 g of alcohol;

liqueur 100 g — 21 g of alcohol;

vodka, whiskey, rum 100 g — 38-42 g of alcohol.

cocktail “Bloody Mary” 150 g — 14 g of alcohol;

gin and tonic 100 g — 7.1 g of alcohol;

gin and tequila 150 g — 18.5 g of alcohol.

Even a cursory glance at the table it becomes clear that such “nonsense”, as 100 grams of beer, drink pregnant on a daily basis is already a risk to the fetus.

Therefore, the recommendations of doctors categorical — alcohol during pregnancy should be excluded at all !

Better yet, stop drinking alcoholic beverages prior to conception (at least 3 months before him). The latter recommendation applies not only to women.

Alcohol can disrupt the process of developing a full-fledged sperm in the male body and it can lead to serious consequences for the future of the fetus. But again, the alcohol in the body of a pregnant woman — not the place. In those cases, when liquor is in a woman’s life a strong position coming into the field of sustainable interests, it is necessary to consult a specialist-psychiatrist (if you can’t solve the problem yourself). Now, such assistance is provided anonymously, which significantly reduces psychological distress in women who choose to leave that habit.


If you smoke, perhaps one of the most valuable gifts to your unborn child will be a waiver of this bad habit. Medicine has accumulated a lot of real facts, eloquently testifying to the dangers of Smoking during pregnancy. The main active component of tobacco is, of course, nicotine. He is so easily crosses the placenta, the concentration of this substance in the fetus are often higher than in the blood of his mother! When Smoking cigarettes, cigarettes, pipes or cigars in the respiratory tract gets a lot of other, more dangerous substances — carbon monoxide, benzopyrene and even radioactive isotopes (albeit in small quantities). Part of toxic products (like thiocyanate, for example) formed in the body of the mother and fetus during the collapse of tobacco ingredients. All of this immediately invades the process of fetal development.

After mother smoked cigarettes occurs spasm of blood vessels of the placenta and the fetus is in a state of mild oxygen starvation a few minutes !

With regular Smoking during pregnancy the fetus is in a state of chronic oxygen deficiency almost constantly. The consequence is a delay of intrauterine development of the fetus (abbreviated SLURP), which the children of smokers observed significantly more often than children of non-Smoking women.

Babies born to Smoking mothers are often underweight, difficult to adapt to extrauterine life, have problems with the Central nervous system and is generally characterized by ill health. They are more likely and harder to tolerate respiratory tract infections, and also have an increased (in comparison with other children), the risk of sudden death. Some scientists believe that maternal Smoking may contribute to the emergence of malignant tumors in the fetus.

Statistics shows that Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of adverse outcomes is almost 2 times !

As to the quantity and quality consumed by pregnant women, tobacco, safe settings are not installed. Therefore it is better to quit Smoking completely (preferably, of course, even before pregnancy). If you have not done so, do it now. Scientific studies show that pregnant smokers who have left this habit in the period up to the 4th month, have a lower risk of adverse effects to the fetus than their colleagues who continued to smoke on and on. Remember that passive Smoking (i.e., inhalation of tobacco smoke from “foreign” cigarettes also harmful to you and your fetus. So Smoking household will have to give up the familiar comfort. How to quit Smoking? “Easier said somehow classic. I threw a hundred times!” Start with the most important is the realization that: no tobacco you can live; no tobacco you can live better than him. After all once you that way and lived.

Try different tools: conation, plaster “Nicotinell” or chewing gum “Nicorette”, sunflower seeds are widely popular among the people coding, the professional help of a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, etc.

All means are good, not harmful to the health. And remember — you can quit Smoking, you just really want.

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