Bad habit in a child

One of the most common bad habits is Masturbation. Masturbation can occur at any, even very early, age. In boys it occurs slightly more often than girls, but the latter is usually harder to get rid of. It usually manifests itself in the fact that the boys touch the penis or RUB it on the bed, lying on her tummy. Girls brings the finger or the corner of the sheets in the sex gap or legs rubbed against each other. The child breathes, blushing. Often after that the sex organs show signs of irritation, redness (girls sometimes discharge).

You need to carefully monitor the child, not to miss the first attempts to Masturbation, not to root this bad habit.

By the way, how it is harmful? Very common are two opposite and incorrect in its extreme judgments point of view.

Some believe that if a child Masturbates, he died, it grows up to be an idiot or a psychopath. There are even parents who, turning to me for help, desperate to claim that if I, just like the previous doctors won’t be able to save their child from this Vice, they will kill him, because “it is better that it wasn’t, than he will grow defective”. The reason for such extreme points of view on the dangers of Masturbation is that among adult masturbators really found a very large percentage of psychopaths and degenerates. But here the reason tangled with the investigation: these people are not due to Masturbation have become defective, and because of its defectiveness are unable to live a normal sexual life and so remained for life wankers.

Other parents and carers, on the contrary, fall into the other extreme, believing that in this habit, there is nothing wrong that with age she will just go away and so it makes no sense to actively fight it. This view is also incorrect.

Masturbation can be a cause of organic disease of the nervous system. insanity or idiocy. However, if the habit of Masturbation will be a hindrance to progress, it cannot remain harmless for a child’s body as a whole and its as yet undeveloped reproductive system in particular. Furthermore, Masturbation distracts the child from playing games, socializing with peers and other children’s interests and thereby inhibits its development, and further prevents successful in school. Children engaged in Masturbation, usually for a getaway, a secluded place where they could practice their habit.

There is a Masturbation usually after the child accidentally, or in connection with any diaper rash (girls often due to itching in the perineum from pinworm) will be rubbing their genitals and experience pleasure from it. Sometimes the first attempts occur under the influence of a role model to other children.

Sometimes the occurrence of Masturbation can help too frequent and vigorous petting and stroking the child’s parents, shared with older bed, generally too long suleimania children in a soft, warm bed.

Sometimes, the appearance of this habit contribute to the “resentment” of children, who, secluded, try to find solace and distraction. Anyway, after pleasure, the child continues to resort to Masturbation again and again, although the reason (for example, itching) that caused the first attempt, has long since passed.

Masturbation is based on the normal sexual instinct, which a person of any age gets the pleasure from the friction of the genital organs. Therefore, no special medications or medical interventions, which themselves would fail to cure Masturbation. They only help the child, if he is interested, to overcome a bad habit and are ancillary event to the educational impact.

Often teachers try to intimidate the child harmful effects of Masturbation: “If you’re doing that, you will not grow, will not be able to learn, will be sick, weak,” etc. This kind of threat are great educational mistake. I don’t know a single child that similar threats failed to wean from Masturbation, so good they never deliver, and damage often. The child learns that he faces some kind of inferiority, and growing up, retroactively reinterprets these threats and comes to believe that because of Masturbation he may have sexual weakness; but from fear of what he will not be able to live a normal sexual life, he often really develop impotence is a disease in which self-hypnosis plays a big role.

Widely recommended by doctors and educators distraction of children, i.e. switching to other interests (games, sports) in principle correct, and in some cases it happens that the sudden change of scenery and a wealth of vivid impressions can cure the child. However, to be hoped that this is always possible to stop Masturbation, it seems to us somewhat naive; after all, a grown man with sufficient breadth of his interests and activities is not refusing sex life.

The Masturbation should be approached not as a disease that threatens serious illness from which the child should be treated by a doctor, but as a socially intolerant nasty habit. Have the child firmly and calmly say that he also has no right to Masturbation, how to Poo in the pants, or to spit in the plate that it depends entirely on him, that he may have to stop that for lessons in Masturbation he is himself responsible.

Need to check whether the child has worms, especially pinworms, causing itching in the perineum, can maintain the habit of Masturbation, or other causes of itching or irritation of the genital organs.

Since most children resort to Masturbation in bed, it is necessary to watch, that during sleep the child’s hand lay on top of blankets to the bladder in the child wasn’t crowded, the bed was not too warm and soft; it is better to sleep in your pajamas.

When the child goes to bed, have to sit by his bed, wait until he falls asleep (and if long time not to sleep, to give him half an hour before bedtime sleeping pills, better type of barbamyl or oxirane, accelerating the process of falling asleep), and in the morning as soon as the child wakes up, immediately lift him out of bed.

From the food the child prone to Masturbation, it is necessary to exclude organic coffee, chocolate, cocoa. some to reduce in the diet of meat.

To reduce excitability, and in particular sexual, good to use in water treatment and anti-anxiety medication type monobromide camphor, chlorpromazine, etc. but they need to give in coordination with the physician.

Hypnosis in the treatment of children in General and Masturbation in particular is rarely used for reasons which will be mentioned in the Chapter on psychotherapy.

To punish the child at the time of the practice of Masturbation, as some children (especially with inert type of nervous system) combination sexual arousal with pain or hurt from the punishment may lead to the emergence of the so-called masochism, i.e., sexual perversion, in which the sensation of pain causes sexual arousal.

First, we need to carefully monitor does not resume if the child attempts to Masturbation. The earlier struggle with this habit, the easier and faster able to dissolve it. To wean the child from Masturbation not easy, especially if this habit has already managed to gain a foothold, but if parents and educators will work together, consistently and persistently to fight with her, it is almost always possible.

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