A Tale of fear.

A tale about fear. When working with children streamingly I was afraid of dogs. and cats, cockroaches, moths, grasshoppers, snakes and darkness.

It is very unpleasant to be afraid of something. And I was so scared, not even at night I closed my eyes and tried not to blink, that was not dark. Yeah you know how terrible it is to be afraid. Not only that, with fear you run goosebumps and feel like in your throat dries up, so still need to pretend to anybody about your fear of not guessed, because it would be laughed at! And laughed. And how they laughed at me! And friends, older brothers and sisters, and parents, and most worryingly, it seemed that even these boogers and dog in the doorway giggling and winks, looking at me.

But now it’s all in the past. I calmly remain in an empty dark room, friends with cats and dogs, in General, feel confident in the outside world. How did I do it? Now to tell you a secret.

One day I met a clown. Yes, for real. I was with my parents in the circus. In the arena of clowning clown. I don’t like the circus – during the presentation, it’s dark and a lot of creatures. But this clown has interested me. He invited all who want to write their wishes on a piece of paper, at the bottom put your name and folded the note into the bag. I thought, “what if? The circus after all!” and wrote – “I Want to stop being afraid. “The clown gathered desire, he closed his eyes and stuck his hand into the bag, pulled out a piece of paper – read it and suddenly becoming very serious, said: “This note is from a very brave man, his wish will come true. today. Please, and he called my name -come to me backstage after the show.” By surprise, I don’t even have time to get scared.

And now I’m in the area at the clown. He washed off the makeup and was a very nice man the same age as my dad. From him I learned many clown secrets and mysteries, but unfortunately, can’t tell you – promised!

And then the clown put me in a soft chair, has launched a machine that blows bubbles, and the room was filled with some strange magic.

The clown said, “did you know that you are the most good of all men – even adult strong men afraid to admit, is that something to be afraid of.

Yes, they think that admitting his fear, finally loses its power. Well, find what is your true power – that’s the secret. And fear is one of the wisest and sensible mechanisms invented by Nature. A person’s fear is still that the brakes of the machine. Imagine that suddenly all of humanity is completely lost fears: all without hesitation ran through the road, tried to Wade across the seas and oceans, ate all in a row – because there are no restrictions! So a car without brakes – just rushing somewhere, it rolls to the left and off the cliff, really scared.

Here’s something – it turns out that it is dangerous to remain completely without fear. And, by the way, I know that in the world there are whole institutions studying fear. And there are just a few people in the world, completely devoid of fear. Put to them the special people who are next day – because such a person could easily step from the balcony, my hands cut off – that means “fearlessness”. Want to be like that? No? What a great show. And our problem with you is just nonsense. Let me teach you to focus. Ready?

Here’s balloons. The most ordinary. Choose any color. Want green? – Well. And now focus. Take a deep breath, now blow as hard as possible cheeks. For your cheeks is now fear of the dark, dogs and all – feel? – now blend it all into a ball. Happened? – well done. And now once again gather inside fears, cheeks and exhale them into a ball. The bulb grows, inflated – inflated – inflated, do this several times until you feel that the ball is fully inflated. Happened?

Now tie the base of the ball thread and look him over. Here it is, the ball – beautiful, large; colors that you chose. And all your problems now. It is scary dogs, it is most terrible and sinister darkness. And for you left in the world all the bright, happy, friendly and beautiful. If you want, draw now on the ball is what you used to fear and that now is inside. Get the pens here, there’s a good is a dog? Yeah. What’s this – “darkness” – well, brilliant, I probably “darkness” could draw.

And now that you will see that before you Scarecrow, just imagine this bead or mentally put this “problem” into a ball, and it will cease to be a problem. You’ll feel protected. Well, think about it, is it possible to be afraid of dogs, hidden in a small balloon. Isn’t that funny?”

. And the next day the circus left.

So. Several times I “exhaled” your fear into a ball. Presented dogs and cats inside it. And then, unwittingly, I have no fear. Try it, maybe you need a recipe of my friend is a clown.

Remember, you need to focus, to imagine how to collect all your fear from the inside, put him over his cheeks and blow the bulb. Then, draw on the inflated ball that it “blew”. And that’s it. And the ball is released at the window, eating or admiring the house as you want.

If Your child nabludalsia fears, print out this story and read it in a monotone voice to your child.

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